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Terms & Conditions

  • When submitting photographs for editing to iMAGENIQUE, the client must either own the copyright to the photograph(s) or have permission to use and have the photograph(s) edited by the copyright owner.
  • Submitted photograph(s) that have been purchased from a third party site, such as a stock photography site, must be purchased with the appropriate license for end usage and editing.
  • In some cases iMAGENIQUE may supply photography owned by © iMAGENIQUE/Jacqueline Smith Photography for client's projects.  iMAGENIQUE and Jacqueline Smith Photography always retains photograph copyright.
  • Payment for work will always be required upon project outset and once quote has been agreed.
  • It is the client's responsibility to give iMAGENIQUE clear and concise specificiations for each photograph.
  • In the unlikely event that iMAGENIQUE fails to adhere to the client's brief, photogaphs will be re-edited and iMAGENIQUE will bare the cost.
  • If errors are made due to lack of, or incorrect information from the client, then the client must bare the cost for the additional editing time required to correct the photograph.
  • If the client changes their mind after the photograph has been worked on and requires new work to be done then the client must bare the cost for additional time spent.
  • Retouching can greatly enhance your photographs. However, the end results will always be limited to the original quality of the submitted photograph(s) 
  • Old or damaged photographs that are submitted to iMAGENIQUE for restoration can be greatly enhanced but extremely poor quality photographs can only be enhanced within the confines of the original quality and readable picture information.
  • When submitting a black and white photograph to iMAGENIQUE for colourising, the very best endeavours will be undetaken to accurately coloursise the photograph. Clients must make a clear brief of the colours required in the completed photograph. If the client has not got the colour information then, if agreed by the client, iMAGENIQUE will then colourise the photograph in accordance with the era to achieve authentic results.
  • iMAGENIQUE reserves the right to adjust or increase prices and terms and conditions at any given time.  It is the client's responsibility to regularly check the terms and conditions for their own peace of mind.
  • Completed retouched and edited photographs by iMAGENIQUE maybe used on the iMAGENIQUE website and other media presence, to include social media.  If you have a specific reason why you would not agree to this then you MUST discuss with iMAGENIQUE upon the very outset of your project.