"The only limit is your iMAGINATION!"

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A Photo Editing & Digital Arts Company

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  • 'iMAGENIQUE: the only limit is your iMAGINATION!'


  • iMAGENIQUE puts the digital artistry into photo editing & digital artwork that go way beyond standard retouching. All work is carried out by a trained, professional traditional and digital artist. So your work is done by a Photoshop specialist who is also a traditional artist with an artist’s eye and creative flair.
  • An online service but with a personal touch. Send in your photos now directly via the website together with your instructions but you are very welcome to call and talk your ideas through one to one and with the artist who is carrying out your work!
  • iMAGENIQUE caters for both private and commercial clients.
  • Both professional photography and everyday snapshots are catered for and are used across the site.
  • iMAGENIQUE provides a wide range of services that virtually covers every possibility, if it involves the artistic manipulation of photographs.
  • iMAGENIQUE’s services can benefit so many. A perfect solution for the busy pro-photographer who would rather be on a shoot than at the computer, commercial companies requiring product or portrait retouching and creative digital illustration to one off, private clients who have personal photographs that they might want retouched or old photos restored.
  • iMAGENIQUE ofers a value for money service and there is no limit to what can be achieved. Bespoke commissions are very welcome.

What do clients say?

"I commissioned Jacqueline on behalf of my company to carry out an amount of product retouching for a special promotion.  I was very pleased with the quality of the work which was produced on schedule and to the agreed standards.  As a result, we now use her services for ongoing projects and we have found her to be efficient, reliable and producing high quality results"

Andy, London, UK

(22 November 2016)

"Having lost contact with an artist who had painted watercolors from photos of my first two kids for my wife at different times, I found myself lost for a solution for my third child. I knew Jacqueline and her services so took the plunge with a watercolor re-production. The results were incredible and very reasonably priced for the work, the touch ups and postage! (I do, inconveniently live in the States!). I wholeheartedly recommend iMAGENIQUE based on the quality of the product, the interest in doing a great job and easy and wonderful service.

The picture is proudly displayed with the other two"

Paul, CT, USA

(18 June 2015)

I had some old photos restored for my mother's birthday. My mother did not possess a colour photograph of her mother or father.  I had this company, iMAGENIQUE, take some of her old pictures and put life into them.  Amazing work by iMAGENIQUE, my mother was overwhelmed!

Marena, Hampshire, UK

(21 February 2013)