"The only limit is your iMAGINATION!"

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A Photo Editing & Digital Arts Company

EMAIL your photo & brief for a FAST QUOTE!

How it Works

  • You have some photograph(s) requiring retouching/editing work to be carried out. Simply email your photograph(s) at a low resolution to iMAGENIQUE by clicking on the email tab on the top right hand corner of this page. Be sure to write a very clear description of what you want doing to your photograph(s)

    If you are sending several photographs that require different editing work, be sure that your description is clear and beside each relevant photograph.

  • You will then receive your free quote via email. You should receive your quote within 24 hours, ignoring weekends and holidays.  Be aware that in some instances, iMAGENIQUE might need further information to complete your quote.  In this instance, iMAGENQUE will email you with any further questions in order to complete your quote.  iMAGENIQUE is always happy to go through client's projects one to one on the telephone.

  • Once you receive your free quote via email and are happy to proceed. You then send the same photograph(s) to iMAGENIQUE at the very best quality, high resolution. To do this you can send them to iMAGENQUE via Drobox, Google Drive or We Transfer. These sites are perfect for sending large files, and this avoids blocking up your email server. Please see 'send in your photos now'

  • You will also be sent an invoice from iMAGENIQUE for pre-payment of your requested work.  Payment can be made via paypal or bank transfer.  With large or on-going projects, it is possible to agree with iMAGENIQUE an instalment plan for your payments resulting on spreading out any larger payments; particularly helpful if you require on-going editing work.

  • When your work has been completed they will be sent back to you via the same method that you sent your high resolution photographs to iMAGENIQUE, either by Dropbox, Google Drive or We Transfer.

  • If for any reason there is any problem(s) with the end results of your photograph(s), the problem(s) will be rectified swiftly by iMAGENIQUE and your photographs will be re-edited. If the problem was a result of artist error than iMAGENIQUE will carry out the additional works free of charge. If the problem was a result of incorrect or insufficient information given to iMAGENIQUE by the client, then the additional work will be carried out at cost to the client.