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Privacy Policy

1. What does it cover?

Imagenique holds personal information required to run the business.  We only hold data necessary for us to provide an efficient service to our customers.

2. What do we collect?

1. We hold names, addresses and telephone numbers about our customers together with a record of work carried out for them.

3. How do we use it?

1. To ensure we can give our customers the best possible service.

2. To generate invoices and the business accounts.

3. We do not share it with any other third parties .

4. How is it stored?

1. We hold paper copies of invoices which are held in files and locked in the office.

2. Data is stored electronically on a computer which is kept locked away in the office.

5. Contacts

1. We do not send out non solicited e mails, we will only contact customers at their request.

6. Disclosure of information

1. Current or past customers can request a copy of information that we hold about them at a fee of £10, ten days’ notice must be given.

7. Updates to our Privacy Policy

1. We reserve the right to update our privacy policy as required.