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iMAGENIQUE is based in Godalming, Surrey. UK.

iMAGENIQUE is a sister company to Jacqueline Smith Photography.  Jacqueline is a professional photographer and specialises in fine art, portraiture and the arts photography, to include dance photography.  She also covers ceremonies and arts events.

Jacqueline originally trained as a fine artist and has painted many murals and special effects across the south east on walls, ceiliings and floors of hotels, restaurants and private homes.  Jacqueline has appeared regularly on television painting murals.  Jacqueline has had a 27 year career utilising photoshop and image editing and later retrained as a professional photogapher resulting in iMAGENIQUE Photo Editing and Digital Arts and photographing familes and creative people in the arts such as dancers, musicians and actors, in keeping with her arts background.

If you are based in the south east (Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey, to include London) and you need a professional photographer then do get in touch with Jacqueline on the telephone number above. To view the Jacqueline Smith Photography website simply click here or on the link on the top right corner of this page.