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EMAIL your photo & brief for a FAST QUOTE!


Each project is priced individually based on estimated time to complete client’s brief.  Prices start from £7.50.

Please allow 24 hours, weekdays.

This is dependent on complexity of the client’s brief.  Projects are carried out in the order that they are received and once payment has been made. Turn around time will be 24 hours .  If your project is urgent than please specify this when submitting your request and everything will be done to help you.

The photograph(s) in question together with a clear and accurate description of what you want. If you are sending more than one photograph in one email, be sure to clearly write your brief under each relevant photograph.

Email your photos for a free, no obligation quote. When you have agreed your quote then go to 'send in your photos now' on this website and use the large file uploaders: Dropbox, Google Drive or We Transfer

Payment is required at the outset of your project and once you have accepted your quote.

For digital photograph files you will receive them via the method you sent your photographs to iMAGENIQUE, either Dropbox, Google Drive or We Transfer. If you order a USB card then via the post. All prints, canvases and murals are sent via the post.

iMAGENIQUE places client’s satisfaction as premium. In the unlikelihood that you are unhappy with the results than please get in touch with iMAGENIQUE within 48 hours of receiving your completed photographs.

If iMAGENIQUE has failed to follow your clear brief, then absolutely! Your photographs will be re-edited and iMAGENIQUE will bear the additional costs. However, if you have changed your mind or forgotten some important details in your description then your photographs will be edited to your new brief but you, the client, will need to pay for the additional time spent.

Tell iMAGENIQUE with as much description as you can. For instance hair, skin and eye colour. Colours of clothes etc. If you have no colour information please clarify the era or approximate date of the photographs and iMAGENIQUE will colourise in accordance to the era together with a bit of guess work!

Yes, it does, you must have authority if you are not the owner to have these photographs worked on. So if they are not yours, then please check you have the authority to go ahead with your project, either from the owner or you have the correct license from a third party website, for instance, a stock photography website.

Certainly! All completed, edited photographs are sent to you for your approval before going to print.

Absolutely! But larger photograph file sizes are sent either by Dropbox, Google Drive or We Transfer, in fact, the same method in which you sent your photographs to iMAGENIQUE. You will receive a link to retrieve your photograph via email, so you will be notified when your photographs are ready.

Rest assured that they will. However some projects are added to this website for future clients to view. They may also be added to iMAGENIQUE pages on social media. If you have a strong reason to NOT want your photographs to be added to such portfolios then please state this from the outset.

Many photographs, including professional photography will be very large file sizes with a high resolution. These photographs will look great both on screen and when they are printed out, including large format printing. But they are too large to simply email at their full size, they are likely to fail or clog up your email server (and ours) for a long time! You will always have the option in your email software to send files at a small or medium size, so opt for this when sending in your photos for quotes. You could also scale down any high quality photos in other software if you know how to do this before attempting to email them to iMAGENIQUE. However, iMAGENIQUE asks you to send the full, high quality and high resolution photo files when actually proceeding with your job to ensure you receive brilliant results, even when printing at larger formats. So, this is when you utilise iMAGENIQUE'S 'Send in your photos now' options of Dropbox, Google Drive or We Transfer.

Still have a question but can’t find the answer to it here? Then please call or email us. Please go to Contact in the top banner bar for details.