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A Photo Editing & Digital Arts Company

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  • When submitting photographs for editing to iMAGENIQUE, the client must either own the copyright to the photograph(s) or have permission to use and have the photograph(s) edited by the copyright owner.
  • Submitted photograph(s) that have been purchased from a third party site, such as a stock photography site, must be purchased with the appropriate license for end usage and editing.
  • In some cases iMAGENIQUE may supply photography owned by © iMAGENIQUE/Jacqueline Smith Photography for client's projects.  iMAGENIQUE and Jacqueline Smith Photography always retains photograph copyright.
  • Completed retouched or edited images may be used across the iMAGENIQUE website or the Jacqueline Smith Photography website. Images may also appear on social media pages representing both affiliated business. Jacqueline Smith Photography is a sister company to iMAGENIQUE.
  • Any images or copies of images or photographs, computer files or printed documentation related to such images are protected by the Copyright and Design Act 1988.
  • All customer's details are kept in strict confidence and are not sold onto third parties.
  • iMAGENIQUE values your privacy.